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The Art of “Fine Art”

Over the years, I have discovered and fell in love with the fine art aesthetic, and today, I continue to refine and elevate my personal style when designing for couples attracted to my work. So, what exactly is “fine art?”

Fine art is defined as “creative art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.” Typically associated with film photography where images can often stand alone as a piece of art, fine art has in recent years, extended past photography into the broader spectrum of fine art weddings.

A fine art wedding to me, celebrates beauty in its purest form. Personally, I approach wedding design as an art form, carefully considering the colour theory, the textures, and the overall composition of your wedding to create designs that go beyond an aesthetic beauty; I strive to create designs that are full of intention, emotion, and thoughtfulness in every curated detail.

Who is the Fine Art Wedding for?

Stylish couples who appreciate fashion, beauty and an artistic vision are typically drawn to the fine art aesthetic. I believe however, a fine art wedding is for anyone who can appreciate the curated finer details.

The Fine Art Details

The finer details are the foundation of your wedding design. A fine art colour palette is simple and organic — think muted pastels and Earthy tones, rather than flashy or bold statements. Textures often play off the architecture of your chosen venue, whether it be stone, brick, wood, or marble. These stronger textural elements are often balanced with softer textile choices — romantic silk fabrics or hand-dyed fine linens provide a beautiful juxtaposition. A fine art florist will incorporate unique foliage, creating designs that are less structured, but effortlessly raw and organic in style. Stationery elements will often incorporate hand-made paper goods, complete with calligraphy and a custom sketch of your venue, or a bespoke wax monogram seal.

The complete design of a fine art wedding is timeless and sophisticated, with every modern element perfectly balanced with its classic counterpart. Every detail is creatively assembled, and feels like an extension of your art piece — intentional and cohesive in conveying your overall story.

If I haven’t done justice describing what fine art means to me using words, below are a selection of my work that I feel best capture the essence of a fine art wedding. I would love for you to find more fine art inspiration in my gallery below!

PHOTOGRAPHY Maru Photography | FLORALS Da Fiori Design, Sweet Kvitka | BEAUTY Jen Lagers | BRIDAL Hannah Tikkanen, MYWONY Bridal | DECOR & RENTALS Bespoke Decor | STATIONERY Maurelle Calligraphy | RIBBONS Ninebark Farm | CAKE The Cake & The Giraffe

PHOTOGRAPHY Blush Sky | FLORALS Da Fiori Design, Sweet Kvitka | CAKE The Cake & The Giraffe | BRIDAL Luxx Nova | BEAUTY The Love Team by Rita | STATIONERY Cornwall Stationery | VENUE Cecil Green Park House

PHOTOGRAPHY Kenzie Victory | PLANNING, DESIGN, & FLORIST Rachael Ellen Events | BEAUTY Trine Juel | LINENS BBJ Linen | RIBBON Tono & Co | VENUE Chateau de Mairy | BRIDAL Free People, Asos | JEWELLERY J Brooks Jewellers, Olive Ave | SHOES Prada, Jimmy Choo | STATIONERY Michaela McBride Calligraphy

PHOTOGRAPHER Beige Weddings | CINEMATOGRAPHER Rouge Wedding | FLORALS Peonies Studio | BEAUTY Anna Jazelle | SHOES Bella Belle | DECOR & RENTALS Camilia Supply, Vaisselle Vintage, Maison Options | LINENS & RIBBONS Stella Wolfe | CAKE Sweet Creations | JEWELLERY Elise Tsikis ParisGuesclin | BRIDAL Vivienne ParisFern and MoonLa Mariée Capricieuse | MENSWEAR Rives Paris | STATIONERY Jianery | RING BOX Filles Box | VENUE Château de Villette 


What is a Fine Art Wedding?


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