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Newly engaged after the holidays? Choosing a wedding date will be one of the first things you do — read my tips below for the top things you should consider! 

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Cover Image by GREG FINCK

1. Plan Ahead

Saturdays are the most popular wedding dates so venues often book 12‑18 months in advance for these popular dates. Fridays and Sundays are typically booked 10‑15 months in advance.  

Planning ahead is crucial if you will be having your ceremony at a church or a different location, as you’ll need to ensure that your desired date lines up for both venues.

Image Beige Weddings | Venue Château de Villette

2. Consider the Season

Do you envision having a summer cocktail soirée, or a cozy candlelit chateau reception? June, September, and October are the most popular months for weddings so naturally, you can expect rates to be much higher. Same goes for dates around the holidays in February or December. 

Although long weekends such as Memorial Day and Labour Day are ideal for out‑of‑town guests, keep in mind they are also peak weekends for airfare and hotels.

Image Oliver Fly Photography | Venue Villa del Balbianello

3. Consider the Weather

Think about your favourite flowers — are peonies your favourite blooms? Then you’ll likely want to have your wedding somewhere between April and June, during peony season. Likewise, gorgeous flowers such as anemones or ranunculus are at their best from early winter to mid‑Spring. 

Summertime in Paris is the perfect season for an outdoor ceremony or cocktail party — The Ritz, Shangri‑La, and Le Hotel Crillon are just a few of the beautiful gardens to choose from!

Image Greg Finck | Workshop Sinclair and Moore

4. Consider Meaningful Dates

Choose a date that is of significance to you and your partner — the day you first met, your first date, or on your grandparent’s anniversary. How meaningful and sweet!

Image Yonder Design | Calligraphy Tara Jones Calligraphy

5. Consider Auspicious Dates

Different cultural backgrounds will consider some dates to be more lucky than others. In Chinese culture, the numbers 8 and 9 are considered lucky because the pronunciations sound similar to the Chinese words for “wealth” and “long‑lasting.”

Image Jianery

6. Consider a Weekday

Since venue and vendor availability have been greatly affected from all the postponed 2020 weddings, you might already be out of luck for popular 2021 / 2022 dates. Consider a weekday instead — it’s trendy, much more flexible, and you’ll likely receive competitive pricing on venue fees and F & B minimums.

Image Greg Finck | Workshop Sinclair and Moore


6 Tips to Choosing a Wedding Date


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