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The Proposal

Dating a wedding planner meant Adam certainly had his work cut out for him when it came to surprising me with a proposal. But with the help of Nargess from Fleur de Lis Events, and a few other industry friends, Adam managed to pull off not only one, but two surprises in one night!

I remember being a bit suspicious the week leading up to the proposal, when Adam had advised me to get my nails done — something he never did. However, he managed to convince me otherwise so on November 18, 2016, I assumed we were going for dinner at Hawksworth Restaurant, before heading to a comedy show (Dane Cook, haha). 

Funny enough, a week before this dinner, I had reached out to Hawksworth to schedule a site visit of their private event space — I hadn’t seen the space before, and figured it was a good opportunity to see it before dinner. Little did I know that this would play out perfectly for Adam. When we arrived that evening, the host led us up to the York Room, and I remember being a bit confused when I walked through the doors; a candlelit walkway led up to, and illuminated a beautiful stained glass window, and a romantic table for two was set off to the side. I thought that surely there was some mistake — we were either interrupting the next event, or the previous event hadn’t yet been cleared. It was only when Adam led me up the aisle and got down on one knee, that I realized what was happening! 

The Engagement Party

The dinner that followed was a bit of a blur, with Martin Acosta playing acoustic guitar in one corner, and Samineh from Belluxe Studios discreetly taking pictures for us. After a fantastic meal, we left for the comedy show, but shortly after we sat down at the theatre, Adam received a call from the restaurant that he had left his wallet behind. He insisted that we return immediately to retrieve it, and though I was a bit disgruntled about possibly not getting back into the show, I could hardly say no given the stunning rock I now sported on my left hand! 

Once we had returned to the restaurant valet, Adam ran inside to “grab his wallet” while I waited in the car. A few minutes later, he called me and said he needed his ID… which was conveniently tucked in the cup holder. By now, I was worried that we wouldn’t make it back to the comedy show in time, so I didn’t think much of the awfully specific request to bring his ID to the York Room. When I walked through the doors, I was surprised once again for the second time that night: our closest family and friends were all gathered in the room waiting for me. We enjoyed the rest of the evening with our dearest ones, celebrating our (very) recent engagement. A year later, we got married in the exact same space, and just last Christmas, we also celebrated our baby gender reveal at the restaurant. Needless to say, Hawksworth Restaurant holds a special place in our hearts. Click here to see our wedding in the same venue a year later!

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A Romantic Proposal x Surprise Engagement Party


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