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A quick breakdown of wedding invitation wording: the who, what, where, when, and general etiquette you should consider.

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Cover Image Stationery: The Ayla View | Photography & Styling: Maricle Kang

1. Who’s Hosting?

Most couples these days are hosting their own weddings, or doing so together with their parents. No matter who’s paying the bill, including both sets of parents as hosts is always a gracious gesture! 

Stationery: Inquisited

2. Extend the Invite

This might sound obvious, but make sure to ASK for the pleasure of your guests’ company! 

Stationery: Papira Design

3. Whose Name First?

Traditionally, the bride’s name is listed first on the invitation. Rest assured, it will be just as lovely if you choose to list your names in alphabetical order, or to simply go with what sounds better! 

Stationery: Papira Design

4. Date & Time

For formal weddings, all words and numerals are written out in full (e.g. “half after five o’clock”). The terms a.m or p.m are optional, as is the year. Having a more laid‑back affair instead? In that case, numerals and abbreviations are completely fine to use! 

Stationery: Papira Design

5. The Location

The full address of a venue is not usually required, but make sure to include the venue name, city, and state written out in full. If budget allows, a custom venue illustration is always a nice touch! 

Stationery: Veronica Halim

6. Dress Code

Include this detail on the lower right‑hand corner of your invitation. Otherwise, the style and wording of your invite will convey to guests whether to dress for a black‑tie affair, or for a more casual soirée. 

Stationery: Floraison Design Co

7. Details

If you are arranging activities, accommodation, or transportation for your guests, include this information on a separate card. Think a custom map of the venue surroundings, or an illustrated itinerary for the wedding weekend — the options are endless! 

Stationery: Veronica Halim | Photography: Férnand Chrisgerald

8. RSVP Card

Whether you want your guests to post their response in the mail, or simply RSVP via your wedding website, include a separate response card with detailed instructions. 

Stationery: Papira Design


What To Include On Your Wedding Invitation


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